My Journey

About Me

Looking out of a 90 degree window on the first day of spring (my birthday!) I watched the sunlight dance upon the river and felt more blissfully happy than I could ever remember being in my adult life.

After a decade spent chasing various careers in a frantic attempt to find that one dream job and the happiness that would inevitably flow from doing it, I finally realised that happiness is the “between-the-lines” bit of life. Not something that can be landmarked by a bullet point on a CV, but something achieved only by the small, incremental everyday choices that we make and the positive thoughts that we nurture.

I studied music at university and then found myself pursuing graduate law, convinced that the intellectual challenges and financial security of a legal profession would give me the key to unlock my inner happiness door. When the key didn’t fit, I spent a year working in arts administration before training in healthcare, telling myself that helping people in need would give me a sense of purpose and would fulfil my constant lack of job satisfaction. However, it was clear to everyone who knew me (including myself) that this was just another diversion, an excuse to avoid what I had come to view – through a sequence of unfulfilling jobs – as the misery of the working world. So I made the brave decision to walk away from it all in order to reorientate myself and align my passions with my goals.

I relocated to my favourite part of the country and started working part-time for a cause I believed in. I didn’t worry too much about my new job, since it was only a temporary occupation until I figured out my life and set myself up for my next big career goal. However, to my complete surprise this new job turned out to be enjoyable! Now, I realise that there is no next big career goal. I live each day to the full, focusing on the here and now. And guess, what? I’m happy! This is why I have decided to set up my online hub FocusHappyNow, to share the positive tips, motivations and inspirations that have led me from the chronic frustration and despair that I used to feel, to where I am now – living an unplanned dream with happiness very much at the centre of my daily life.

For some people, leaving school and getting an enjoyable job comes naturally. For others, the journey is a little more complicated. We might have to take a steep and winding path to end up where we are supposed to be. It can be tough and feel unfair. After many years spent feeling disappointed (What’s wrong with me? Why can’t I find a job I like? Am I ever gong to be happy?) I have finally realised that the all elusive happiness is rooted in following your passions. If you’re passionate about what you do, you will do it well. If you do it well, you will see the fruits of your labours. When those fruits taste sweet, you will be happy that you had faith in yourself and the courage to live the life you know is right for you.