Achieving daily clarity

When we have fewer options, decisions are easier to make. Keeping life as simple as possible is the key to retaining mental clarity and enabling ourselves to focus on what really matters. When we focus on what matters, we allow ourselves to let go of petty worries and to dismiss insignificant distractions.

The busyness of the world around us can trick us into thinking that life is a race. But life is one of the finest examples of quality triumphing over quantity. Taking a few minutes in the morning to focus on what we want out of the day is a great way to set our minds on the right track before we become swept away by the priorities and agendas of others. Our eyes and ears are easy targets for media and social clutter, from advertisements to idle gossip. Taking a few minutes in the afternoon to recalibrate allows us to assess our actions: is what I am doing right this minute contributing towards my daily goal? Is what I am doing right this minute contributing towards my wellbeing? If we have let distractions or negative thoughts creep into our day, now is the time to eliminate them. If possible, try stepping outside for a breath of fresh air, looking up at the sky and focusing on the vastness of the universe. This is a great way to get a snapshot of the ‘bigger picture’ and to put our daily stresses into perspective. Alternatively, closing our eyes for a moment to revisit happy memories with friends and family or beautiful places we have been – triggering good feelings – can help to alleviate the chaos and pressure that develops during the day.

Taking time out to reflect on our actions allows us to wipe the slate clean and to finish the day in the positive and purposeful manner in which we started it. We should strive to make sure that the last thing we do in our day is aligned with what we set out to achieve. That way, a day will never be wasted and we will never feel dissatisfied with our efforts. Added to this, we will have the peace of mind and satisfaction that we are in control of our lives, taking responsibility for our own welfare and productivity.

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