Courage to change

Sometimes it’s difficult to accept that the path we’re on is not the right one for us. Even if we know it deep down. In my experience, true happiness can only be achieved when we stop pretending to ourselves that what we’re doing is working, or will work out in the end. Yes, great things require hard work and commitment, but that’s a completely different scenario to flogging a dead horse.

For me, learning to accept that my life needs to change in order for me to truly fulfil my potential has been the biggest lesson. Tapping into my inner strength in order to initiate that change is what has enabled me to embrace new things, discover new places, meet new people and to live the life that I now love. This has led me to find happiness in the most remote and unassuming places.

Believing we can be happy is the first step to achieving happiness. Actioning change and embracing the uncertainties that come with it is the second step. Even though the road ahead of us may be rough, barely trodden or even completely unmapped, we must have the courage to follow our hearts in order to fulfil our dreams and find true happiness.

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